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Boost your productivity instantly with reliable electric systems and accessories for your home or business. Get your inverter or accessories at affordable rates in Nigeria.

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By removing the cost of fuel, the grid, etc, Tubim aims to
reduce the cost of your power usage over time, so you can
spend more on the things that matter to you.

Super silent. Zero noise pollution.

Solar Inverters are never noisy. You can power up your entire apartment or home without making a sound. This further increases productivity at work and your quality of life at home. A perfect blend.

Fuel scarcity? No worries.

Our solar batteries ensure you never have to worry about fuel instabilities anymore. As long as your solar inverter batteries are charged, you keep enjoying uninterrupted access to power supply!

Seamless maintenance. A single call away.

There’s almost no reason to need external maintenance or servicing for our solar inverters and batteries to keep functioning. However, if you ever need us, we are a single phone call away.

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We allow you to choose what works for you—and we guide you through to make the best choice. Regardless of your home or office size, we have solar energy options that are perfect for you.

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