Solar Panel Solutions For Small Businesses

Businesses aren't powered by ideas alone, with Tubim, you don't have to worry about the electricity side of the business,

with Tubim, you acquire the freedom to plan, think, and execute, and let the business follow suit, powered by our solar panel solutions.

Powering Businesses for Impact

We live in a world of technology. And at the core of technology, is the need for power. Power keeps our appliances going which in turn, keeps us going. And for far too long, Africans have endured slower productivity due to unstable power supply and overpriced alternative solutions. That’s changing!

At Tubim, we understand that going solar is not only good for the environment, but also good for your bottom line. That’s why we offer affordable and customized solar panel bundles that can help you save money on your electricity bills and allow you to focus on making more impact on your industry

By choosing Tubim, you're taking a proactive choice to eliminate a problem that businesses in developing nations face, intermittent and inconsistent power, this along gives you a significant advantage in your industry, and at Tubim, we are very much on your side.

Our Solar Bundles!

The choice is yours!

Classic Bundle Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

From ₦1,974,000.00
Basic Bundle Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

From ₦897,000.00
Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle