Solar Panel Solutions For Remote Workers

Gone are the days where interrupted power supplies disrupt workflows and meetings.

With Tubim, all your power needs for staying online, powered and working are fulfilled and you no longer have to worry about intermittent power, fossil fuels and noise pollutions just to stay connected.

Empowering Africa's Remote Workforce.

We live in a world of technology. And at the core of technology, is the need for power. Power keeps our appliances going which in turn, keeps us going. And for far too long, Africans have endured slower productivity due to unstable power supply and overpriced alternative solutions. That’s changing!

At Tubim, we believe that remote workers should be able to work from anywhere, without worrying about unreliable energy sources. That's why we're committed to providing sustainable and reliable solar panels systems that power your work and help you stay connected, no matter where your job takes you.

In addition to providing reliable solar energy in form of our solar panel bundle packs, Tubim also offers personalized support to help you optimize your solar panel system for your specific needs. Our team of experts can help you assess your energy needs and create a custom solar panel system that fits your budget and lifestyle if you need. customer support team, we'll always be there to answer your questions and help you troubleshoot any issues that arise.

Our Solar Bundles

The choice is yours!

Classic Bundle Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

From ₦1,974,000.00
Basic Bundle Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

From ₦897,000.00
Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle