Looking for a permanent alternative to Petrol Generators?

Fueling a petrol generator constantly for one year already gets you to the cost of a solar bundle, which lasts far longer.

Generators are expensive

Even though the purchase price of generators might not seem like much, over time, you spend way more money fueling and maintaining them.

Generators toxically pollute

Toxic gases like sulphides and carbon mono-oxide are pretty common with most generators.

Generator noise sucks

the constant jarring sound that generators are something that we have to put up with, a sacrifice we make to get power. What if that wasn't necessary?

There's a better solution

Tubim supplies constant power without any of these draw backs.

Pick up one of our bundles today

And enjoy a constant supply of power, without the noise, without the fumes, and without the stress.

Classic Bundle Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

From ₦1,974,000.00
Basic Bundle Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

From ₦897,000.00
Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle