Solar Panel Solutions For Families

The best memories are shared amongst family, and with Tubim, we ensure that none of those memories are shared in the dark.

With our solar power solutions, you can keep your family going with constant power, free of stress and noise, ensuring that you make the brightest of memories.

Lighting Up Every African Home—Starting with Nigeria.

At Tubim, we believe that families should be able to live comfortably and sustainably, without worrying about the high costs and environmental impact of traditional energy sources. That's why we're committed to providing reliable and affordable solar panel systems that power your home and help you save money, no matter where you live or what challenges you face.

When it comes to families, we know how important it is to have a reliable and affordable energy source that keeps your home comfortable and your devices powered. With Tubim's solar panel systems, you can set up a sustainable energy source that powers all your family's essential appliances,

We are dedicated to helping you grow your family in the best conditions available, allowing you to tap into modern life and technology, granted by a reliable power source that's clean and sustainable, so that you can achieve more both as individuals, and as part of happy families.

Our Solar Bundles

The choice is yours!

Classic Bundle Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

From ₦1,974,000.00
Basic Bundle Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

From ₦897,000.00
Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle