Solar Panel Solutions For Enterprises

Tubim is an end-to-end sustainable electric energy company helping Africans thrive via reliable power supply. We aim to enable access to electric systems and accessories to stabilise power at scale, even for large systems and organizations.

Power at Large

We live in a world of technology. And at the core of technology, is the need for power. Power enables our businesses to operate efficiently and effectively. And for far too long, African corporations have suffered from low productivity due to unstable power supply and expensive alternative solutions. That’s changing!

Tubim is powering every business across Africa—starting with Nigeria. We believe that uninterrupted power supply should not be a luxury but a necessity for every corporation. Our goal is to provide access to reliable solar energy for underserved Nigerian businesses of all sizes and sectors. With access to simple, affordable solar electrical equipment and accessories, we aim to support increased productivity and profitability.

As business owners ourselves, we are inspired by a world where every African corporation can enjoy a steady power supply without breaking the bank. Powering up businesses in a way that boosts their performance and growth keeps us going, every day.

Our Solar Bundles

The choice is yours!

Classic Bundle Classic Bundle

Classic Bundle

From ₦1,974,000.00
Basic Bundle Basic Bundle

Basic Bundle

From ₦897,000.00
Premium Bundle

Premium Bundle